Social Permaculture Pods

From: $24.00 / month for 5 months


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Thank you for registering for the Social Permaculture Pod! Please select the option below that corresponds with the payment level that you indicated in your application or agreed upon with the course organizers.

Once you complete your registration, we’ll get you onboarded to the course and send you more information about what to expect!

  • 5 payments of $24/month (intended for those living paycheck-to-paycheck or in significant debt)
  • 5 payments of$48/month (intended for those with access to some income but struggling to build savings and move away from debt)
  • 5 payments of $96/month (intended for those that are able to pay for “wants” and generally able to secure necessities for your household)
  • 5 payments of $144/month (intended for those with ample savings that are able to subsidize the participation of others)

$24/month, $48/month, $96/month, $144/month